CADCAM Grafix Services

CADCAM Grafix, was started specifically for the Development and Design of any Customer required Product. With the aid of their 3D Solids and Surfacing VX CADCAM Software, there is no Product that is too big or too small.

CADCAM Grafix, based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa is available NOW to supply ALL your Plastic Injection, Blow Mould, Extrusion Machines and accessories, as well as Mould design for all Plastic Injection and Blow moulded products.

CADCAM Grafix will supply you with the necessary CADCAM software to move YOUR company up into the Professional CAD + CAM zone, allowing you to compete successfully with ANY other design house.

CADCAM Grafix can also meet your Design+Manufacture needs in the fields of – Jigs + Fixtures and Press Tooling ( Forming + Punching )

To connect directly with Alan De Klerk please call +27 84 466 8811

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Plastic Injection Machinery Available

2 Responses to CADCAM Grafix Services

  1. joss massyn says:

    i require two PET moulds. 1 x 400ml dishwashing liquid. 1 x 750ml dishwashing liquid.

    i have basic drawings of my exsisting bottels as well as samples. my current bottels are pvc and i have bought a machine to do my own pet bottles.
    i have 500ml and 1.5lt water bottle moulds . would it be possible to meet to discuss the way forward. it would be great if you could come to my factory so you can see first hand what is required.
    kind regards
    joss massyn

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